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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Important news March 28, 2015

Hi Everyone!

Just thought I'd post to let you all know that I am feverishly trying to catch up on your correspondence with the lodge. Unfortunately, I lost some of my voice, huh?

If you have left a voice message over the past few months and have not heard from me, please accept my apology. The best way to get in touch with me right now is by email. You can send your requests to either of these emails:

Our official season opening this year will be MAY 22, 2015. Yes, it is a week later than normal.

We have what is shaping up to be another busy season and we are looking for staff. You can email your resumes to the same email addresses above. We are looking for dock hands, kitchen/housekeeping staff and managers.

Yes, you read it right! Gary and I will not be managing the lodge this year but we are looking for some really wonderful people to take over! This could be potentially the best job you ever had. It was for me! But after 6 seasons, our time has come to move on. We continue to work with the owners of Winefred Lake Lodge in their other business in Conklin so, we are not far from the lodge and more than willing to offer our assistance to the new people. If you are interested, kindly forward your resume to either of the email addresses above. And please know that we will be working on behalf of the lodge until we find the right people and hand her over in May. So stay in touch!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Off to a great start!

Hi Everyone!

Well, it's official!

Fishing season is off to a great start. 

Now that the lake is ice-free, we are able to access all areas of the lake.

Last weekend we had the distinct pleasure of meeting 6 year old Brittian who showed his Dad, Mike, a thing or two about fishing with a novice. 
First of all, youth anglers have the energy and stamina to rival any seasoned pro. Brittian wanted to stay out as late as he possibly could. I believe he would rather fish than eat!
Secondly, youth anglers have a canny knack of being able to keep track of how many fish are caught each day. He was happy to share with us that he out-fished Dad one day by catching 58 fish!
And third, youth anglers learn fast and fish hard but also take great pics and can even net a fish for Dad (providing it doesn't out-weigh him).

I think Dad has a hard-core life-long angling buddy here!
Way to go Brittian!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 25, 2014

Hi Everyone!


 Special shout out to Eileen who took a little tumble yesterday only to land this magnificent specimen today!
What a beautiful 22 1/2 pound lunker!!

Way to go Owen! Thanks for this great pic!
Looks like we are track for another fabulous season!

So, you will see in the second pic of the lake below, there is a little fog hanging out on the east side of the lake. Due to the wind yesterday the remaining ice made it's way to the south east corner and stayed there last night resulting in a little fog as the sun cam up.

For the most part the vast majority of the lake is ice-free and all areas should be accessible by the day's end.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

May 24, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Well, from here it looks like we're are ice-free but with this strong west wind, there is still some ice out there hanging on the west side of the lake. All prime fishing spots are open. 31 degrees yesterday sure helped knock it down.

We're hoping to be able to announce complete ice-free conditions tomorrow.
We should know for sure since the wind will change to a north west wind this evening and overnight.
The finish line is in sight folks!

Forecast for Saturday May 24, 2014

Daytime high: +19 Celsius
Nighttime low: +7 Celsius
 Wind: 20W changing to NW15


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